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March, 3, 2006 AT 7:06 PM

My 1996 new (to me!) Honda Accord 2.2L is leaking oil out the distributor. I took it to a mechanic, he said it was 1 hour of work, plus replacing the whole distributor (says it's full of oil) for a cost of $375! Ouch!

He said it's a common problem (?). Is this easy to replace? I'm a bit handy w/tools, I used to replace the distributor on my 68 Chevy! Would I be getting in deep dodo to try it on my own?

I'm looking for a reality check, and possibly a website for instructions how to do the job.



Oil Leak From Engine


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Bruce Hunt

March, 9, 2006 AT 1:39 PM

Pulling off a distributor on a Honda is about a 20 minutes job. Three bolts and and out she comes. Just unplug the wires. Now is it common, I have never heard of it. I would check around for a used one from a salvage yard or check on ebay. I keep thinking about whether you could replace the inner seal that is causing the leak. I've never torn one down but I would think it is a simple o ring on the inside of the distributor. It should be possible.

Once you put it back on though you want to ensure that the timing is correct.



March, 9, 2006 AT 10:40 PM

I just had a mechanic tell me to 'leave that puppy alone', that I could get in deep dodo for messing with the distributor. And he wasn't looking for the job! (A protectionist?) Because it sure does look simple to me.

I priced out new and used distributors, maybe I'll buy a used one and just use the o rings. From the photos on Ebay, it appears there's two of them.

If I mark the location of the distributor prior to taking it off, and ensure I get it back on the same spot, wouldn't that ensure I've maintained the timing?


Bruce Hunt

March, 10, 2006 AT 2:20 AM

Same distributor or replacing the destributor? If you put the same one back on you would probably be ok. You will always be close. The timing is important though. Do you have friend with a timing light?



March, 10, 2006 AT 8:02 AM

The mechanics who gave me the $375 price said I'd have to replace the distributor 'cause it would be full of oil. After looking at pictures of htem, I kind of doubt they would fill with oil, (or my car would run at all, which it's doing quite well!) If it is full of oil, I'll at least clean it out thuroughly and see how it runs.

If a timing light is all I need to get the timing just right, then I'm off scott free! I remember how to do that from my old '68 Chevy!

The doubt is, I seem to remember something about. If I don't put the distributor back in EXACTLY the same way, I'm doomed with a car that won't run quite right. Is that accurate, or will a timing light correct any minor mis-adjustment in re-threading the distributor back on?

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