1997 Honda Accord



February, 4, 2007 AT 4:49 PM

My friend had her cv axles replaced a few years ago. The mechanic told her that" both cv axles had to be replaced at the same time, You just can't do one side" at a cost to her of $800.00
Is this true? I know many people who only change the one side that is bad on most other cars. Is this something just for Honda's? She is working off a budget so money is an issue. Axle costing only $50.00 for one side besides labor. I was gonna re- boot it but now it is clicking. The other boots and axles are fine at this time.


1 Answer


Bruce Hunt

February, 4, 2007 AT 10:06 PM

No both axles do not have to be replaced at the same time. Some might say to do it but they probably have deep pockets. Not a problem doing one at a time. If you want to save her the cash and the other side is not ripped or torn on the boots, I would pull both axles. Replace the bad one and reboot the other to beat the impending problem of the boots getting dry and letting do to.

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