2003 Honda Accord



October, 19, 2008 AT 6:21 PM

Engine Mechanical problem
2003 Honda Accord 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 12000 miles

how do you change the starter


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October, 25, 2008 AT 2:16 PM

Hi floppsy,

1. Make sure you have the anti-theft codes for the radio, and the navigation system, then write down the customer's radio station and XM radio channel presets.
2. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery first, then disconnect the positive cable.
3. Remove the intake manifold
4. Disconnect the starter cable (A) from the B terminal, then disconnect the BLK/WHT wire (B) from the S terminal.

5. Remove the harness clamp (C).
6. Remove the harness holder (D).
7. Remove the two bolts holding the starter, then remove the starter.

1. Disconnect the intake air temperature (IAT) sensor connector (A).

2. Remove the vacuum hose (B) and breather pipe (C), then remove the intake air duct (D).
3. Remove the engine cover.

4. Remove the throttle cable (A) and cruise control actuator cable (B) by loosening the locknuts (C), then slipping the cable ends out of the accelerator linkage. Take care not to bend the cables when removing them. Always replace any kinked cable with a new one.

5. Remove the evaporative emission (EVAP) canister hose (A) and brake booster vacuum hose (B).

6. Remove the engine wire harness connectors and wire harness clamps from the intake manifold.
a) Idle air control (IAC) valve connector
b) Throttle position sensor connector
c) Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor connector

7. Remove the bolt (A) securing the harness holder, and remove the harness clamps (B).

8. Remove and plug the water bypass hoses.

9. Remove the harness clamp (A), and the harness connector (B) from the intake manifold bracket, then remove the intake manifold bracket (C).

10. Remove the vacuum hose (A/T).

11. Remove the intake manifold.

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