2001 Honda Accord A/C Problem

I own a 4 cylinder 2001 Honda Accord with 102,000 miles. Two years ago (Summer of 2005), the A/C stopped working, so I took it to a repair shop. The repair shop fixed the A/C and provided me with a bill that totaled close to $400.00. I didn't care though, the A/C worked!

Move forward one year to the Summer of 2006. I attempted to use the A/C for the first time that year only to discover the A/C was not working again. Furious that the epair shop didn't correct the problem (most likely a leak), I decided I would simply purchase a few cans of 134a and charge the system. My idea worked and I had A/C all summer.

Move forward again to the Spring of 2007. Once again, my A/C is not working. My Accord also reached 100,000 miles, so I decided to have both the timing belt and water pump replaced. (I did not allow the repair shop to touch the AC).

Once my vehicle was out of the shop, I drove the car home and charged the A/C system myself. The A/C appeared to be working fine while running in the driveway. However, I did not have the same success while driving it on the highway.

While operating my car on the road (A/C on), I noticed the car feels like it is slipping. At the same time, the cold air from the vents fades in and out. (Air force stays the same, only temperature is affected). When I turn my A/C off, the "slipping" stops. I checked the pressure of the A/C system and it appears to be within normal range.

In addition to this problem, the timing belt does not appear to be installed correctly. Every time I start my car, I hear a very quick but very loud screech coming from the engine. Is the timing belt loose or off track? Could an error with the timing belt contribute to the current A/C problems or should I be concerned with my compressor? Any help would be appreciated!
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Friday, June 8th, 2007 AT 6:24 PM

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U listed a tall order. Some may some may not be related. Lets goes thru the process of elimination.
1st ur a/c.$400 for an ac job is most likely repair leaks on whatever that was leaking. And thats a fair price for auto repair on a new car. Price of auto repai is market driven depends on quality and set up. Is not anyone witha screw driver can work on a 96' and up with multiple modules and computer network on demands and it lasted a year so.I'm pretty sure that shop had ur problem nailed. Now if u have a hoses or O-rings leaked what about the rest of them a year later. Chances are yes!. Is it the shop problem.I don't think so. They are mechanic not fortune teller. I bet u won't let em replace all the hoses, O-rings and send over $1000.
Now lets talk about the timing belt. It is possible. But all a mechanic would do is place a vac gage to verify ur engine pull proper vac to justify the cam & crank are line up w/timing belt. In ur case.I think u are way over ur lleaque. Especially when u use gages and add freon. Ambient temp, vent, condensor temp, humidity. System using exp valve or orifice tube are specific and differ from 1 manufacture and model to others. Do u follow honda specific pressure charts to diagnose pressure and temp drop. If not what make u think u know more than the shop that make a living working on car. Good luck man
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Friday, June 8th, 2007 AT 8:09 PM

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