2000 Honda Accord Transmission Replacement Quotes

  • 4 CYL
  • FWD
  • 87,000 MILES
Honda dealership provided quote of $3,500 to replace transmission. This is based on two codes they retrieved upon inspection: P1739 - 3rd gear pressure switch failure and P0780 - problems with shift control system. I contacted a transmission repair shop in the area for a ballpark figure over the phone and they indicated it would be approx $1,600 but could be more if there is damage to the outside casing. Are the codes indicative of transmission failure and the need for a replacement? Any idea why the significant price variance between the two. Is there any benefit to having Honda do the work rather than a transmission repair company (they both offer 12 mos / 12,000 mile warranties).
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Friday, January 9th, 2009 AT 8:14 PM

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Are you actually having issues with driving the vehicle? Or are the codes just showing up? If codes are just showing, have them reset and see if they come back. If you are having issues with your transmission with these codes, then yes it is an internal failure and the tranny needs rebuilt or replaced (recommended). The price difference is simply the fact that it is the major dealer. The only benefit that MAY be there is that they built the car so they "supposedly" know the car better than any other mechanic. I don't really believe in that though.. If both offer you the same warranty then I suggest going with the tranny shop over the Honda dealer, that is if the tranny shop has a good reputation of course.

Make sure that you are getting a new transmission for the replacement at the tranny shop (if that is what you want). That could make a big difference in pricing as well, if the Honda dealer quoted with a new tranny and the repair shop quoted with a used tranny.

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