1995 Honda Accord A/C problem

95 honda accord EX, auto, 4cylinder, VTEC with 150,000 miles. The A/C comes on along with both fans when I push the button, it works thru the first cycle and shuts off (I assume this is temp controlled from inside the vehicle) When it tries to cycle on again the compressor starts briefly ( 1 second) along with the fans, it bogs down the motor and cycles off, it does this about 10 times and then will finally just bog down and work. The air is cold when the compressor and fans are on. When I am traveling at highway speeds, the compressor kicks on and off until it works then the air is cool for a couple of minutes. I have filled the 134a and checked the fan and compressor relays. The book doesn’t go into much detail after that. I plan on taking it to a mechanic soon if I can’t figure it out…
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Wednesday, June 14th, 2006 AT 10:51 AM

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It souonds like you might have too much r134 in your system or possibly the retro fit you did to you vehicle wasn't done properly and you still have excess mineral oil in your system on top of PAG oil from thr new gas(which was supposed to be refilled during the retro fit) Also it could just be a lack of freon (which also is the only thing that carries oil to your compressor)
Have your system evacuated and refilled by a professionel(someone who HAS CERTIFICATION IN AC) even ask if taking it to a dealership to see the technician's certification in ac before! Don't accept "oh he's very good or he's been doing this for years. These are just excuses(there are just as many idiots at dealerships if not more!
If your ac system still doesn't work after the efvac and refill the tech should be able to tell you from there what you need
Just as a heads up the pressures in a normal operating ac system on a moderately humide day at say a temperature of say 80 f the high should be about 160-210psi and the low should be about 25-40 or stay at about 32 depending on the type of compressor( variable holds a constant pressure 32 f)
if pressure in the high side are significantly higher and there are no internal restrictions and the fans are operating normally your system is contaminated and should be purged!
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Friday, June 16th, 2006 AT 6:08 PM

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