1986 Honda Accord



January, 15, 2008 AT 8:41 PM

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1986 Honda Accord 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 183000 miles

Car has existing need for intake gasket and carb base gasket (I am told), but have been driving it until recently when it quit after the lights and radio dying down, the car died. Was told both Alt. And Batt. Would need replace.
I bought a new battery and drove it a little. Seemed to run well. Question is: can I nurse this along if I buy a battery charger and plug it in overnight? Will I risk losing the new battery? How do I know if the alt. Needs replace?
Thank you!


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January, 15, 2008 AT 9:33 PM

Get a volt meter and hook it up to the battery-positive to positive-negative to negative. Record the reading, it better be 12.4volts or better. If not, recharge the battery till you get up to 12.4volts or better. If not, load test the battery then comeback.

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