Growling/singing noise from front end

  • 2WD
  • 175,000 MILES
This van has been trouble free except for periodic brake jobs but has now developed a growling/singing sound from the front end. It is a growl at low speeds and a singing sound at higher and highway speeds. Not related to which gear its in, it goes from low growl = low road speed to high pitched sing = highway speeds. I suspect a differential problem, does that sound right? I plan to replace the vehicle soon, but was hoping to leave it to spring. If I do nothing but live with the sound, is it likely to make it through winter (say four more months)? What is the worst that could happen?
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Monday, December 10th, 2018 AT 10:18 AM

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Good afternoon,

It sounds more like a hub bearing on the outer part of the axle by the wheel. That is a very common issue for this type of noise.

Can you tell what side it is coming from?




1. Raise and support vehicle. See: Maintenance

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2. Remove wheel mounting nuts (3), then tire and wheel assembly (1). See: Wheels and Tires > Removal and Replacement > Tires And Wheels - Removal

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3. With aid of a helper applying brakes to keep front hub from turning, remove hub nut (1) from axle halfshaft stub shaft (2).

4. Access and remove front brake rotor. See: Brake Rotor/Disc > Removal and Replacement > Brake Rotor - Removal

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5. Remove screws (1) fastening brake shield (3) to knuckle (2), then remove brake shield.

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6. Disconnect vehicle wiring harness (1) from wheel speed sensor connector.
7. Unclip wheel speed sensor connector from bracket (2) on frame rail.

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8. Remove screw (1) fastening wheel speed sensor routing bracket (3) to mounting flange (2) on strut.

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9. Remove screw (3) fastening wheel speed sensor routing bracket (2) to knuckle.

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10. Push in on end of halfshaft (3) stub shaft, pushing its splines out of hub splines.
11. Remove four hub and bearing mounting bolts (2) from rear of steering knuckle (1).
12. Remove hub and bearing with wheel speed sensor from steering knuckle.
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Monday, December 10th, 2018 AT 10:42 AM

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