1998 GMC Sonoma



November, 7, 2006 AT 4:31 PM

If anyone could help me I have a question. I have a 1998 gmc sonoma 4 cylinder 110000 miles. The problem is either my slave cylinder or the master clutch cylinder. In the summer time I have no problem my truck runs well but as soon as the nights get cold my fluid is empty in the resivoir. I fill it up and pump the clutch to build back pressure and everything is fine. But there is never no fluid on the ground. Now I fill It up it the cold mornings It will allow me to start and put in gear but after about 10 seconds it will bog down and die and there is no pressure on the clutch until I pump it up again. And about after doing this a couple of times my resivior is empty but still no fluid on the ground. Please someone help to determine what the real cause is I dont have that much money right now to replace both of them.

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November, 7, 2006 AT 9:39 PM

Thats going to be a tough call with out being there to see exactly what is going on. But im going to say that maybe the master. Sound like the hydrolic fluids is leaking out the back of the master and in to the inside under your carpet. Pull back the carpet and see if it smells or looks wet of brake fluid. If not pull the master of the firewall and check the rear for leakage. If you dont see any fluid then I would say more than likely it is the slave

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