1992 Geo Metro White smoke

  • 1992 GEO METRO
Engine Mechanical problem
1992 Geo Metro Two Wheel Drive Automatic 9740 miles

I bought the car with it showing 9720 miles. I know it has to have more than that. I was told that the head gasket has been changed and so has the other miscellaneous gaskets. I changed the oil and fluched the radiator. 5 days after I changed the oil it showed 2 qaurts low and the anti freeze was below the full line in the reservoir. So I pu in some oil additive and another two quarts of oil and then it started blowing white smoke out of the exhaust on the way to work. What is the problem now? I've been told that it might be a head gasket. I thought about changing the oil again and only putting in 3-4 quarts instead of 5. Is this a good move.
Do you
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Thursday, May 8th, 2008 AT 1:13 AM

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Hi there,

White smoke and low coolant is a sign of a head gasket or Cylinder head problem, this should be investigated before more serious damage occurs. As for only part filling the oil, this is not a good idea as the oil is a major part of engine cooling as well as the conventional cooling system, so fill the oil to the max level always.

Mark (mhpautos)
Was this
Thursday, May 8th, 2008 AT 5:57 AM

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