1987 Ford Ranger with a 2.9L v-6

  • 1987 FORD RANGER
We have a 1987 ford ranger with a 2.9L v-6 in it and when we first got it from a guy he told us the transmission was bad it is. So we changed it and that one did not do anything and then we got another one and the back of the transmission would spin as long as the drive shaft was not in it and then when you put it in it seems like it is in park and neutral and won't do anything. So we asked around and was told the rearend is locked up and so we went and changed that and it spun and then stopped and kept doing that. Does anyone have any ideas on what else it could be or anything?
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Thursday, September 21st, 2006 AT 7:30 PM

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It sounds to me like the splines on the driveline are shot you have covered everything else and get same results nothing the splines that slide up on the shaft are shot and very possible have been the problem all along spicer makes thoes or that it to a drive line shop where they can replace it and reblance the driveline. You might try this first. Slide the drive line in place leave the other end out put trans in park so it is locked in place. Now put a bar or something that you can try and turn thr driveline with if it does well I guess you know what that means.(NOS) that is the best I can do for ya at this point. 8)
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Saturday, September 23rd, 2006 AT 3:44 PM

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