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I have a 1981 ford f-250 with a 300 straight six and 2 fuel tanks thats not getting fuel to the carb. I have checked the engine mounted mechanical fuel pump and it is operating properly and the strainers in both fuel tanks are clean. I am getting very small amounts of fuel at good pressure to the carb. But it is mostly air. What do you suppose the problem could be?

Sunday, February 18th, 2007 AT 2:54 PM

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Use compress air and make sure supplies and return lines are all clear. Then place a transpant hose on carb inlet. Crank and watch the fuel move into the carb. Also place a fuel pressure gage between pump and carb. If u are not get over 3.5 -5 psi or see bubble into the carb. Ur pump is junk. And please be specific when u say cpts that are chk out. What method did u use.A visual chk out is not 100% positive. Wehave more customers or even shop swear theyhave good cpts or chk out and it turn out otherwise after we went 1000 miles of circle. Iif u wanna eliminate the possiblity of bad tankor junk in the tank. Then just use a can of gas and a siphon hose to the pum and see if ur engine will start. God luck man

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Sunday, February 18th, 2007 AT 3:40 PM

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