2001 Ford Expedition



January, 1, 2010 AT 10:12 AM

Interior problem
2001 Ford Expedition V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 180000 miles

My passenger side door window will not roll up. I was not broken. While frozen I attempted to roll down window. Something clicked like it came off of track or something. The windows motor diffidently is working. While driving it slipped down into the door. Still unbroken. How do I repair and put it back on track?


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Dave H

January, 1, 2010 AT 8:08 PM

WARNING: Failure to ensure regulator arms are in fixed position before removing window motor from regulator could result in personal injury.

NOTE: Window regulator and motor are removed as an assembly.

Removal & Installation (Doors)
Remove door trim panel, door radio speaker and watershield. Raise and support glass in full up position. Disconnect motor electrical connector. Remove window glass-to-regulator nuts.
Drill out rivets that attach motor and window regulator assembly to door. Remove motor and window regulator assembly.
Ensure regulator arms are in fixed position to prevent counterbalance spring unwind when motor is removed. Remove motor from regulator assembly.
To install, reverse removal procedure. Use heavy-duty riveter to install new rivets. Cycle door glass to ensure gear engagement.

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