1997 Ford Escort

  • 1997 FORD ESCORT
Heater problem
1997 Ford Escort 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic

how to change heater core for replacement
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Removal & Installation
Disable air bag system.
Drain cooling system.
Disconnect heater hoses from heater core, and plug openings.
Move both front seats forward.
Remove 2 screws from parking brake console panel (one on each side). Engage parking brake.
Pull upward and remove parking brake console panel.
Remove 2 shift console panel screws.
Remove 4 push pins (2 on each side) from shift console.
Loosen 2 set screws and remove gearshift lever knob.
Lift upward and remove shift console panel.
Remove screw from center instrument panel finish panel.
Pull center instrument panel finish panel straight out from instrument panel reinforcement and remove.
Disconnect lighter socket electrical connectors.
Remove lighter knob and element.
Twist lighter socket from lighter retainer and remove.
Remove push pins and left and right control box side covers.
Remove radio antenna lead-in cable from instrument panel reinforcement.
Disconnect radio antenna lead-in cable.
Disconnect amplifier connector (if equipped).
Remove 4 screws from transmission control selector bezel.
Position transmission control selector bezel sideways (turn 90 degrees).
Remove bolt from Powertrain Control Module (PCM) electrical connector.
Disconnect PCM electrical connector and position out of way. Remove 2 rear and 2 front PCM bracket bolts.
Remove PCM and bracket assembly.
Using Radio Remover (T87P-19061-A), Pull ICP from instrument panel.
Disconnect radio antenna lead, electrical and vacuum connectors then remove ICP.
Ensure front wheels are in straight ahead position.
Remove 2 driver side air bag module bolts.
Disconnect air bag clockspring and horn electrical connectors. Remove air bag module.
Remove steering wheel retaining nut. Using puller, remove steering wheel.
Remove nut from hood latch handle and position latch and cable out of way.
Remove screw and instrument panel steering wheel cover.
Remove 2 steering column bracket bolts and position steering column downward.
Remove 5 screws and remove instrument cluster finish panel. Remove 4 screws from instrument cluster.
Pull instrument cluster outward and disconnect electrical connectors.
Remove instrument cluster.
Pull upward and remove both front door scuff plates. Remove 2 push pins from each cowl side trim panels and remove panels. Remove both front door seam welts. Remove both roof side inner front moldings by pulling outward. Remove fuse panel cover and disconnect main fuse junction panel electrical connectors.
Push in on glove box door tabs and position glove box downward. Remove 2 glove box hinge-to-instrument panel screws. Remove glove box. Remove 4 passenger side air bag module bolts. Pull air bag module out of instrument panel and disconnect electrical connector. Disconnect vacuum line harness connector.
Pry off both instrument panel end panels. Remove right and left center instrument panel reinforcement bolts. Remove right and left lower instrument panel reinforcement bolts. Remove cover and upper instrument panel reinforcement bolt. Pull instrument panel away slightly from mounting position and ensure all electrical connector are disconnected. Remove instrument panel and instrument panel reinforcement.
Detach antenna lead from heater housing. Remove 2 screws and 2 push pins and remove defroster nozzle connectors. Loosen evaporator outlet duct clamp screw. Remove 3 heater housing retaining nuts and remove heater housing. Remove heater core-to-firewall seal. Remove 3 heater core cover screws and cover. Slide heater core out of housing. To install, reverse removal procedure.
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