2002 Ford Escape



October, 18, 2009 AT 11:23 AM

Engine Performance problem
2002 Ford Escape 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 140K miles

Not all of the time but when the engine is cold it is difficult to start or it has a very low idle. The idle will kick in when it wants to. Sometimes when driving the idle speed surges up for a very brief period. Any ideas?


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October, 19, 2009 AT 12:27 AM

Our Escape would idle low, then it got to point it would die when you stopped. Revving + holding brake was only way to keep it running. Took it to fellow R/C airplane pilot, he doubles as a S.C. State HWY DEPT mechanic.. When I got to his house, he was repairing a tractor. Told him my sob story. Escape was still barely running, I raised the hood. He said, (and I quote).&Quot; It could be the IDLE AIR CONTROL(IAC)", as he pointed to it, and emphasied it with a sharp rap using the wrench in his hand. It straightened right up, and ran damn good. That was a 15/16 Craftsman wrench, box end, kinda a medium rap. YES, I visited parts store and replaced it. Hope this helps



October, 19, 2009 AT 5:19 AM

Thanks I will look into the IAC

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