CROWN VIC , 95,000M, 5.0

1986 Ford Crown Victoria



May, 19, 2007 AT 3:51 AM

Hi. Changing lower ball joints found no rivets yet. Is it OK to separate the joint from the arm or not possible at all? Thanks

2 Answers



May, 19, 2007 AT 8:12 AM

If i'm not mistaking I believe the lower ball joints on this model are pressed in. To remove you need to jack the vehicle from the lower control arm, you'll need a ball joint separator to separate the steering knuckle from the the ball joint. Move the knuckle assembly out of the way and whack the ball joint with a hammer till it pops out. In order to install you'll need a ball joint press to press back in the control arm. Hope this helps



May, 19, 2007 AT 8:20 AM

Here's a pick of the tools

ball joint press

ball joint seperator

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