Will not Move in reverse

  • 1989 FORD BRONCO
1st question my bronco will not move in reverse. It will go in gear and it tries to move but won't. You can put it in neutral and it still will not move. Put in drive and it will go forward. Is is the rear end or the transmission?

2nd question it will not go into 4 low. I changed the transfer case motor and I have checked the switch. It doesn't even try to go in. Every now and then when I put it in 4 high, it won't come out for a day or so and then it will go out and go back to working fine. Does that sound like a speed sensor problem?
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Monday, January 23rd, 2006 AT 5:53 PM

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This would not be an issue in the rear end if the vehicle will move forward. Also, it is most likely not a transmission issue, but this is where we should start.

First, we need to check for codes. Here is a guide that will help with checking. I doubt you will have any, but we need to check.


Next, we need to put the vehicle on jack stands and see if there is any movement in the tires like there is any slack from the gear train before they stop moving, or if they are locked from the brakes holding.


The way to find this out is to break the wheel cylinders bleeder loose and see if the brakes release. If they don't try removing the tire and hitting the drum with a hammer to see if the shoes will break loose.

Clearly if the vehicle will move forward, the shoes are not seized but I suspect the trailing shoe is stuck in a position where it will touch the drum. However, it is unlikely that this is both wheels so I suspect you will find one that will spin and one that will not when you jack it up.

Please see the info below and let us know what other questions you have.

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