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1996 Dodge Intrepid



February, 17, 2007 AT 10:26 AM

I bought a used car last month and decided to go to Las Vegas in it well just as we were about to cross the stste line into Nevada My car started over heating bad steam was coming out of the hood and I could hear bubbling sounds. I took it to a mechanic up there and he told me my engine was shot but my car was running fine with no smoke or funny noises or anything.I honestly thought they were trying to rip me off charging me $3465.00 so I just rented a Uhaul and towed my car back to San Diego. Here we had my boyfriends dad look at it and he said it was just the water pump which he then fixed as well as our timing belt. Well about 6 hours after we got our car back it started over heating again and fast I would like to know if maybe you have any suggestions as to what it might be. Now I can't even travel a mile without it overheating please HELP!


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February, 17, 2007 AT 10:33 AM

That is overheating very quickly, are you losing coolant, check the radiator and see, if you are have someone do a cooling system pressure test, if no leaks, the next step may be a thermostat, lmk




February, 22, 2007 AT 2:37 PM

I have a 1995 Dodge neon, automatic trainsmission, 120,000 miles. I replaced the thermostat in August because it was overheating (I also was moving so I had it loaded to the max). Turned out the thermostat was bad, but it recently started overheating again under normal (not strenuous) usage. As far as I can tell my coollant is not leaking and all my fluids are fine. There is probably a small fluid leak of some sort (reddish brown) but probably not huge because my fluids are full. Could it be the thermostat again? If not likely, then what next? I was thinking my radiator or water pump. Is there anything simpler, less expensive that I should check?

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