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September, 6, 2007 AT 8:46 PM

2000 Dakota Extended cab SLT, 2wd, 75500 miles, 3.9L. A few months ago I got all four ball joints replaced with an alignment also. I was hearing lots of noises upfront and could feel something clunking with the steering wheel. After I got the ball joints replaced the noises and clunking went away for awhile. I then felt some clicking in the brakes (or thought it was coming from the brakes) and I had a lot of play in the steering wheel. Every time I would hit a bump in the road the truck would want to pull to one side or another. I recently got the rotors and pads replaced up front. They said that everything else looked tight and couldn't find any problems with the steering. I still feel a lot of play in the steering and the truck wants to turn where ever it wants when I hit bumps. When I come to a stop light or something and break the truck wants to pull to the right really hard. I really have to hold on to the steering wheel to keep it from going everywhere. Could there be a problem with the suspension or maybe in the rack and pinion (I don't know much about suspensions or steering problems). I would really appreciate any help because I don't want to pour in money I don't need to. Thanks!


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December, 7, 2012 AT 12:49 AM

The caliper could be hung up or u have a broken tie rod or tie rod end most likely or Theirs one other thing it could be is the rack and pinion jack up ur truck have someone shake the wheel and look for what is makeing the noise



December, 7, 2012 AT 12:51 AM

They could have broken a tie rod when they did the aligment

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