2000 Dodge Dakota Few questions

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  • 4WD
  • 50,100 MILES
I have a few questions so I figured I could post them all in one submission

My truck pulls to the right pretty while driving. I have had it alligned 2 times in the past year and it doesnt seem to help. I check the pressure in the tires and it is uniform all the way around. Could it be something else with the suspension

When accelerating on a ramp to merge on the highway, I noticed a random few clicks/knocks at 5000rpms. What could this be? I was thinking catalytic converter maybe?

I noticed some sort of leak coming the front axle when changing oil last time. It is on the passenger side not far from the pumpkin.

Also, when the truck is in drive, there seems so be a mild noise (a grind/knock type of noise) but goes away when in park or neutral. I am pretty sure a shift solenoid needs replaced so maybe that could be related?

Thanks for the help.
Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010 AT 7:19 AM

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First, the leaks on the axle are most likely axle seals that are seeping. It isn't uncommon. Keep an eye on the front differential fluid to make sure it doesn't go low. I think you'll find that even though there is a leak, it is so minimal, the level will seem to never go down.

As far as the noise from the transmission, does it happen when you are slowing down to a stop or any time it is in gear?

Next, if the tire pressure is correct, the vehicle sits level, and there are no worn steering components, I would recommend having the alignment done at a different place. It shouldn't pull to the right.

Finally, I have to be honest. The click you hear at 5K is a tough one. Can you tell aprox where it is coming from? I believe red-line is 6K on the truck, so it is getting pushed, but there shouldn't be a click.

Let me know.
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Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010 AT 10:36 PM

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