Clicking nose in front passenger side

  • 3.4L
  • FWD
  • 165,800 MILES
I had a clicking sound in the front passenger side of my Alero, when I took my foot of the gas the clicking stop and figured out it was the right cv joint going out - when I went backwards the clicking was there.(The clicking was getting worst and consistent). Had a new drive shaft installed 07/21/14. The clicking is back but softer and not as often. Only when I start driving the car. It stops after a while. The serpetine belt was replaced two weeks ago. What else could it be?
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Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014 AT 2:38 PM

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Often a clicking noise is caused by a warped brake rotor that makes the brake caliper walk back and forth. That can make the caliper or pads catch on grooves worn into the caliper mount, then they click when they pop free.

The axle nut may have not been torqued properly to the specified tightness. Wheel covers can cause clicking noises where the fingers grab the wheel. Lug nuts that weren't tightened with a torque wrench often work loose, and that starts out as a clicking noise. Very few professionals risk their reputation by not using a torque wrench.

There are many steering and suspension parts that make clicking or knocking noises. The first thing is to determine if the noise occurs one or twice per wheel revolution, or if other factors affect it, like bumps in the road or turning the steering wheel.

There is a tool you might be able to borrow or rent from an auto parts store that borrows them called the "Chassis Ear". It is a set of six microphones, a switch box, and headphones. You clip the microphones to suspect points, then drive around while listening with the headphones. You can move the microphones around to zero in on the source of the noise. Be aware that many mechanics have never seen or even heard of this tool. Suspension and alignment mechanics use it to find rattles, squeaks, and other noises.
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Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014 AT 3:18 PM

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