July, 28, 2006 AT 9:08 AM

Yesterday I had my 1998 Plymouth Vouyger (119,000 miles) repaired at a Meineke close to my work. I need front brakes, new muffler system, they did a eletrical system check of the car because I was having trouble starting car (replaced the battery), and replaced the front boot of the axle because of a crack. One hour after leaving Meineke my car was parked in my driveway and it began to rain. I got into the car to go out and there was a small waterfall coming from behind the glove compartment. I immediately pulled it into the garage to prevent any more water into the car. When I brought it back to the Meineke repair telling them what happen they said they didn't do anything to the car that would cause that to happen.? What? I never had water running into my car before reparis were done. I have kept this car in great shape and planned on having it around a lone time. Please help with a possible suggestion to my problem.


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September, 11, 2006 AT 11:11 AM

Meineke techs are commissioned technicians and I have heard all sorts of nightmare stories about that company. They are giving you the run around and are most likely tampering with your vehicle to force you to be a re-occuring customer.

As for the waterfall in the dash.

Inspect your weather stripping and seals around the windsheild, doors and (if any) around engine bay.

If you are a good DIYer then you can order replacement stripping from a local dealership or autoparts store. Otherwise have a NON - COMMISSIONED ASE tech do the replacement for you.

It wouldn't hurt to just have a non-commissioned ASE tech inspect it for you. Who know's he/she may find it could be something completely oddball causing your interior fountain.



September, 12, 2006 AT 8:05 PM

There is weather stripping under the hood if for some reasone they lifted the hood too hard and cracked the plastic that is under wipers that will let water in under there, and if it is a good amount of water and the drains under there can't keep up it will let water get into your fresh air vent and it will run in. Also was the passanger door closed all the way. It does seem strange water coming in after thoes kinda repairs. And it is sad, but if you are a female a lot of shops around think you don't nothing about a car and will take advantage of ya. Don't know much about the shop you went to but I think I would have that looked into. Ripped or torn or anything that looks like it has been cut or even nicked can cause a leak. There should be two black looking tubes out under the hood that goes to the bottom side of the area where the wipers are make sure there not pluged up.(NOS) 8)



September, 28, 2006 AT 10:01 PM

I am a certirfied ASE tech, I work at advance auto, and do side work, ive been working on cars all my life, and have 2 project vehicles, and 1 go go. Believe me commission techs are the worst, if your leaking coolant and you have a faulty cap they will tell you something like a defective radiator, and with their profits from the radiator they will buy a new cap, and still have %250 profit left over. Always have a salary set or an hourley waged tech look at your vehicle.

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