Chevrolet Suburban



June, 10, 2007 AT 6:20 AM

MAKE: Chevy
Model: Suburban C1500XL
Year: 2002
Mileage: ~65,000
Engine Size: V8

Vehicle has the single (not split) rear tailgate assembly.

The rear third brake light assembly is out. Dealer during routine service wanted ~$250.00 to replace. I am trying to figure out how to remove and replace the light bulb(s). Can't imagine that you have to replace the whole assembly (bad design choice). Google did not get me far (standard left/right rear taillight assemblies), but did land me here! Would greatly appreciate any insights or help. Cheers!


2 Answers


kin chan

June, 10, 2007 AT 9:15 AM

Chevy got tons of problem on the rear tail lite assy. Dated back to early 90's and all the way up.
Napa probably carry a cheaper part. To pull it out is easy. Get a service manual.I sign on this site becuz it helps me sharpen up my daily daignostic skilll at the shop. Find out whats the problem is mechanic. Hang parts are for beginner. Don't have to mess with that for a long time.
$250 is not too bad. Ur truck there use multiplexing network.I was on an 03' replacing a window sw. Guess what.I have to reprogram the system b4 it work.
Auto repair price is market driven not a cut throw flea market .U get what u pay for. What good is it gonna do if it doesn't fix a problem.I know I won't take it (even free) if the problem is not fixed
good luck man



July, 17, 2007 AT 1:48 PM

KC - thanks for your " expert" advice to get a manual. Was looking for a little more insightful feedback than that. Maybe that is the true purpose of this site. Anyway, good luck with that.

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