2005 Chevy Impala Maintenance

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2005 Chevy Impala 6 cyl Wheel Drive Type unknown Automatic 46000. Miles

Could you please tell me what consitutes normal
maintenance on a 2005 Chevy Impala?
Do you
have the same problem?
Monday, January 28th, 2008 AT 7:39 AM

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Scheduled Maintenance
When the CHANGE ENGINE OIL message comes on, it means that service is required for your vehicle. Have your vehicle serviced as soon as possible within the next 600 miles (1 000 km). It is possible that, if you are driving under the best conditions, the engine oil life system may not indicate that vehicle service is necessary for over a year. However, your engine oil and filter must be changed at least once a year and at this time the system must be reset. Your GM Goodwrench dealer has GM-trained service technicians who will perform this work using genuine GM parts and reset the system.

If the engine oil life system is ever reset accidentally, you must service your vehicle within 3,000 miles (5 000 km) since your last service. Remember to reset the oil life system whenever the oil is changed. See Engine Oil Life System for information on the Engine Oil Life System and resetting the system.

When the change engine oil message appears, certain services, checks, and inspections are required. Required services are described in the following for "Maintenance I" and "Maintenance II." Generally, it is recommended that your first service be Maintenance I, your second service be Maintenance II, and that you alternate Maintenance I and Maintenance II thereafter. However, in some cases, Maintenance II may be required more often.

Maintenance I -- Use Maintenance I if the change engine oil message comes on within 10 months since the vehicle was purchased or Maintenance II was performed.

Maintenance II -- Use Maintenance II if the previous service performed was Maintenance I. Always use Maintenance II whenever the message comes on 10 months or more since the last service or if the message has not come on at all for one year.

Scheduled Maintenance Service
Maintenance I
Maintenance II

Change engine oil and filter. See Engine Oil. Reset oil life system. See Engine Oil Life System. An Emission Control Service.

Visually check for any leaks or damage. See footnote (k).

Inspect engine air cleaner filter. If necessary, replace filter. See Engine Air Cleaner/Filter. See footnote (m).

Rotate tires and check inflation pressures and wear. See Tire Inspection and Rotation and "Tire Wear Inspection" in At Least Once a Month.

Inspect brake system. See footnote (a).

Check engine coolant and windshield washer fluid levels and add fluid as needed.

Perform any needed additional services. See "Additional Required Services" in this section.

Inspect suspension and steering components. See footnote (b).

Inspect engine cooling system. See footnote (c).

Inspect wiper blades. See footnote (d).

Inspect restraint system components. See footnote (e).

Lubricate body components. See footnote (f).

Check transaxle fluid level and add fluid as needed.

Replace passenger compartment air filter (if equipped). See footnote (g).

Inspect throttle system. See footnote (j).
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