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1997 Chevy Camaro V8 Manual

how to replace my fuel pump
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1.Disconnect the negative battery cable.
2.Relieve the fuel system pressure. Refer to the Fuel Pressure Release Procedure.
3.Drain the fuel tank. Refer to Draining Fuel Tank.
4.Remove the fuel tank.
5.Remove the fuel sender assembly.
6.Note the position of the fuel strainer (5) on the fuel pump.
7.Support the fuel sender assembly with one hand and grasp the strainer (5) with the other hand.
8.Rotate the strainer in one direction and pull the strainer off the pump. Discard the strainer after inspection.
9.Inspect the strainer. Replace a contaminated strainer and clean the fuel tank.
10.Inspect the fuel pump inlet for dirt and debris. If found, replace the fuel pump and reservoir.
11.If the fuel pump and reservoir is being - replaced, proceed to Step 12.
12.Disconnect the vent hose (1) and the fuel return hose (3) from under the cover (9).
13.Disconnect the quick-connect fitting on the fuel pump flex pipe (2).
14.Disconnect the electrical connector (7) from the fuel pump.
15.Pry the locking tabs (6) on the bottom of the fuel sender, lift the reservoir to clear the locking tabs and pull the reservoir downward to clear the guides on the fuel sender.

1.Align the tabs on the reservoir with the guide on the fuel sender, push the reservoir upward to the stop on the top of the reservoir and snap the locking tabs (6) over the ramps on the bottom of the reservoir.
2.Connect the fuel vent hose (1) and the fuel return hose (3).
3.Connect the quick-connect fitting on the fuel pump flex pipe (2).
4.Connect the fuel pump electrical connector (7). Important : Always install a new pump strainer when replacing the fuel pump.
5.Install a new fuel pump strainer in the same position as noted during disassembly. Push on the outer edge of the strainer ferrule until the strainer is fully seated.
6.Install the fuel sender assembly. Refer to Fuel Sender Assembly Replacement.
7.Install the fuel tank. Refer to Fuel Tank Replacement.
8.Add fuel.
9.Install the fuel filler cap.
10.Connect the negative battery cable.
11.Inspect for leaks.
11.1. Turn the ignition switch ON for 2 seconds.
11.2. Turn the ignition switch OFF for 10 seconds.
11.3. Turn the ignition switch ON.
11.4. Check for fuel leaks.

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