1996 Chevy Camaro Replace my fuel pump

1996 Chevy Camaro V8 Two Wheel Drive Manual

How do I replace my fuel pump on my 96 camaro
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The fuel pump is part of the fuel sender assembly located inside the fuel tank.

Release the fuel system pressure and disconnect the negative battery cable.
Drain the fuel tank, then raise and safely support the vehicle.
Remove the fuel tank from the vehicle.
Clean the area surrounding the sender assembly to prevent contamination of the fuel system.
To remove the fuel sender from the tank, remove the fuel sender assembly nuts and retaining ring. Carefully remove the sending unit from the fuel tank. Discard the O-rings.
If necessary, separate the fuel pump from the sending unit assembly


If removed, install the fuel pump to the sending unit. If the strainer was removed, it must be replaced with a new one.
Inspect and clean the O-ring mating surfaces.
Install a new O-ring in the groove around the tank opening. If applicable, install a new O-ring on the fuel sender feed tube.
Install the fuel sender assembly as follows:
The fuel pump strainer must be in a horizontal position, and when installed, must not block the travel of the float arm. Gently fold the strainer over itself and slowly position the sending assembly in the tank so the strainer is not damaged or trapped by the sump walls.
Install the retaining ring and nuts, then tighten the nuts to 63 inch lbs. (7 Nm).
Install the fuel tank assembly.
Lower the vehicle.
Fill the fuel tank, tighten the fuel filler cap and connect the negative battery cable.
Turn the ignition switch to the ON position for 2 seconds, OFF for 10 seconds, then back to the ON position. Check for fuel leaks.

Relieve the fuel system pressure and check that there is an adequate quantity of fuel in the tank.
Connect a fuel pressure gauge to the pressure connector fitting located on the end of the fuel rail. On 5.7L engines, it is located inline shortly before the fuel rail and accumulator.
Make sure the ignition switch has been in the OFF position for at least 10 seconds and that all accessories are OFF.
Turn the ignition switch ON and the pump will run for about 2 seconds. Note the system pressure with the pump running, it should be between 40-47 psi.

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