1997 Chevy Blazer transmission removal


Transmission problem
1997 Chevy Blazer 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic

how do I get to the top two bolts on the transmission to remove it?

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Wednesday, November 19th, 2008 AT 1:09 AM

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Disconnect the battery ground cable.
Remove the air cleaner.
If equipped, disconnect the detent or TV cable at the throttle lever.
On 4WD models, remove the transfer case shift lever knob and boot.
Raise and support the truck on jackstands.
Disconnect the shift linkage from the transmission.
If it is necessary to disconnect the fuel line, relieve the fuel system pressure. Disconnect the fuel lines.
Remove any skid plates that would interfere with transmission removal.
Drain the transmission fluid.
Remove the driveshaft(s), after matchmarking its/their flanges.
Detach the speedometer cable or Vehicle Speed sensor (VSS) connector, downshift cable, vacuum modulator line, shift linkage, throttle linkage, electrical wiring, the fluid cooler lines, or any other component that would interfere with transmission removal.
Remove the dipstick tube.
If necessary, remove the starter motor.
If necessary, disconnect the support bracket at the catalytic converter.
Support the transmission on a transmission jack and unbolt the transmission rear mount or the transfer case adapter from the crossmember.
Remove the crossmember.
Remove any transmission support braces. Note their exact positions for installation.
Remove the torque converter underpan, matchmark the flywheel and converter, and remove the converter bolts.
If necessary for clearance, move the exhaust system aside.
If necessary for clearance, disconnect the parking brake cable.
Remove the transfer case and the adapter.
Support the engine on a jack and lower the transmission slightly for access to the upper transmission-to-engine bolts.
Remove the transmission-to-engine bolts and pull the transmission back. Rig up a strap or keep the front of the transmission up so the converter doesn't fall out.

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