2007 Honda Civic



June, 14, 2013 AT 3:46 PM

Hi, I have a 2007 Honda Civic SI Sedan. My A/C just stopped blowing cold air. When I turn it on it sounds like its on but just hot air shoots out. The compressor is spinning. Is there anything I can do myself, anything in particular to look for. Can I send a video somewhere to show you guys whats going on? Thanks


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Ernest Clark

June, 14, 2013 AT 4:07 PM

Sorry, this website doesn't have the capability to upload and view videos from forum members. As for the A/C system, you could be low on refrigerant, the control on your dash could be malfunctioning and/or the "Blend" door inside the HVAC unit could be stuck.

Unfortunately, the A/C system is a sealed system and access to the HVAC unit is very restricted and complicated. That's not to say you can't tackle the job yourself, it just depends on your skill level.

You can buy/purchase a gauge to check your A/C system for refrigerant and pressure. I it's low on either, then you have a leak that needs to be tracked and fixed. (Complicated for sure)

You dashboard control could be at fault. You'll need a DVOM to diagnose this kind of fault.

As for a stuck blend door in the HVAC unit, you'll need to remove the unit and use the dash controls to see if it's operating according to what settings you're activating at the time.

As I said previously, I'm not sure if you're just seeking information or are you actually ready to tackle this repair yourself. If you're only seeking information, then it isn't necessary to go into a lengthy repair procedure. If you do feel your skill level is ready to dive in, I'll be more than happy to load some images and walk you through it. Feel free to contact me anytime through 2carpros

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