2001 Cadillac SLS



September, 7, 2010 AT 6:59 PM

Engine Cooling problem
2001 Cadillac SLS V8 Automatic 177000 miles

My car starting blowing steam from under the hood, and started overheating. Found a crack in the radiator, repaired this with jb weld and other material, replaced main radiator hose and thermostat at the same time. Cranked the car and had no leak but now the car is still overheating and no water is running through the hoses, the check engine coolant light is on with full tank of coolant. Heard possible blown head gasket or just maybe a water pump. The car is not blowing smoke as far as I can tell.


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September, 8, 2010 AT 10:30 AM

If you are getting a low coolant message, the sensor in the tank probably stuck during low coolant condition. Sometimes this can be unseated with some raps on the tank. I would have it tested for combustion gases in the cooling system, that could indicate an internal problem. If you get no heating of the upper/lower hose, you have a flow problem. It could be air trapped and not allowing the thermostat to open, there is an air bleed in the stat that should have been placed at the top. In rare cases, it can be a faulty thermostat. I would assume that the water pump belt and tensioner are in operating condition.

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