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January, 10, 2011 AT 6:35 PM

Have 2001 Cadillac SLS Northstar apparently had crack in tank that you fill with antifreeze and it overheated. Limped to Pep boys who did some kind of test and told me "gave a yellow code" which is worst possible report, head gasket is blown, they can't fix it. After 100$ tow home I now need to decide what to do. 2 garages told me cannot fix, need new engine. Is this true? How much generically would it cost to fix if it can be done? How much should used engine cost, roughly? LOVE the car but if its 2000 to "fix" may not be worth it. Thanks

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January, 29, 2011 AT 6:27 AM

Done properly, it would be over 2000. More than likely, it was probably the other way around. The excessive pressure that was being introduced into the cooling system, caused the tank to crack. The overheating was a side effect, and may have happened sooner or later, regardless of the tank. The reason the 2 garages told you cannot fix, is it may have been beyond there abilities either by knowledge, or equipment. It can very much be repaired, but you want the right person doing it. A used engine is a possibility, but strongly consider that a used engine can have the same internal condition, and you may not know t until late. Needless to say, this is a somewhat common issue with this engine. To answer your question on how much generically, I would estimate 2500-3500 to repair.

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