1986 Other Buick Models mysteriously stopped running

  • 1986 BUICK
  • 4 CYL
  • FWD
  • 170,000 MILES
Hi there. My issue with my car is that it stopped running while driving it on the highway. I felt the loss of power, but it gave no warning at all. No lights, no smells, no noise. It just sort of acted like it ran out of gas, which couldn't be, as it has fuel. It cranks but won't turn over, the pulleys and belts turn okay, so I don't think it's seized, and it seems to get fuel, but it's fuel-injection, and I can't really tell. I'm hoping it's not a timing chain, or would transmission failure cause it to not turn over? I'm on a really tight budget (driving a 22 year old Skyhawk means POOR), so having it towed in to find out repairs would be thousands, which I couldn't afford, then have it towed back home is monetarily hard for me, so I'm hoping somebody can give an idea of what could be wrong to see if it's worth repairing or not. Thank you so much for any information!
It's a 1986 Buick Skyhawk 2.0 liter fuel injected FWD automatic.
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Saturday, October 4th, 2008 AT 1:37 PM

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Start with the basics, and work your way up, Last tune up was? Wires plugs ALL filters? If all that is ok, check for a stuck EGR, then test fuel pump pressure, If it won't restart, determine what's missing, the engine needs three things to run, Spark at all plugs, gas to all cylinders, and compression in all cylinders, tho an engine may run lacking one in one cylinder, it won't run very well!
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and this one! Older cars like yours, it could be the ignition module, check for spark, if none thats where I would start, Take the module to the parts store, they can test it for you.
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Saturday, October 4th, 2008 AT 2:39 PM

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