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November, 3, 2009 AT 5:52 PM

Engine Mechanical problem
1961 Other Buick Models V8 Two Wheel Drive Manual 50,900 miles

1953 Buick 41D with straight eight engine was stored for 15 years in garage after owner died. What steps should I take to prepare the engine to run? It was in running condition when stored.

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November, 4, 2009 AT 12:00 PM

Take the spark plugs out and suirt some type of oil down the cylinders. Replace most of the hoses as they are more than like ly dry rotted. Remove teh cooling liquid and replace that. Try to get teh gas tank out an dhave it boiled out if it is not rusted through. Pump mineral spirits through the fuel line from one end to the other to get crap out. Replace all fuel filters if there are any. Of course replace oil and filter. And if at all possible, try to prelube the engine even before you turn it over. One thing to remember if you have a bearing failure with in the first thousand or so miles it would be kind of expected due to bearings more than likely being etched due to storage for so long. Also change your trans/rear axle fluids and repack the front wheel bearings. More things may fail as you drive this but that will be expected.

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