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December, 18, 2006 AT 3:19 PM

I read in the Auto Repair by Topic regarding an overheating thermostat and found that my car is experiencing a somewhat similar problem to someone else's. His vehicle's temperature gauge was fluctuating from normal to hot, along with blowing [i: d2951b86dd]cold[/i: d2951b86dd] air while the [i: d2951b86dd]heater[/i: d2951b86dd] was on.

2000 Trans Am w/Ram Air package and 54k miles:

With the A/C running, my car will intermittently blow warm air accompanied by the theromostat temperature rising to the red. After a few minutes, it starts to blow cool air again and the reader drops back to normal.

Even without the A/C on, the temperature gauge will still periodically go up and down. For whatever reason, my car seems to be overheating.

Is my problem, like his, in that it could be a lack of coolant or leak?


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December, 22, 2006 AT 4:34 PM

Well check the coolant.
That being said I own a trans am with the same problem. And the answer is.
(I've had all this happen)
1. The temp sensor is exposed to air flowing under the car (why it reads cold)
2. The temp is read to low so the engine lets it's self get a little to hot.
3. The cutting in and out of the a/c is the compressor overheating, and the car overheating from the extra load. Maybe a freon leak?
4. The dang Gauge cluster can act up and fry the gauge. Giving it dead spots.
5. Bad wires can short out between the BCM and the GC
6. I haven't had this happen to me but. Check to see if you fail a block test.

All that being said, with the ac problems and stuff. Check out the body control module. It controls both the gauge and the ac.



December, 22, 2006 AT 6:23 PM

Thanks. I checked the coolant levels and it was very low. Adding coolant did the trick as I haven't had any trouble.

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