2010 Ford Taurus



November, 10, 2012 AT 1:44 PM

My car is completely dead. The remotes will not work, I manually opened the car door with the actual key and it sounds like a ticking time bomb. I pput the key in the ignition and turned it and the tcking nosie stopped but the car is completely dead, no lights or anything. When I took the key out the ignition, the ticking noise started again.


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November, 10, 2012 AT 2:32 PM

Sounds like a simple dead battery, thanks for using2CarPros



November, 10, 2012 AT 10:30 PM

Sorry, this is not a reply, but a continuation of the problem. I don't think this is a simple dead battery. I have exactly the same problem, but with a much older vehicle. (1999 Ford Windstar SE) The battery and alternator were replaced 2 months ago with brand-new after market components. Vehicle was working fine a few days ago. The strangest thing is that the ticking is constant EVEN WHEN THERE IS NO KEY IN THE IGNITION! Boosting did not help, there was no reaction to the boost. The only way the ticking stops (yes, it does sound like a time bomb!) Is if I try to start the car normally (when key is released, the ticking starts again) OR if I disconnect the battery. When I re-connect the battery, the ticking starts again. The ticking seems to be coming from a box (that I cannot seem to open) to the right of the battery. This might be the fuse box?



November, 11, 2012 AT 1:52 AM

Thisr could be a door chime relay stuck closed, or fan relay, if the battery has been ran completely flat it may have to be charged for a good while to get it back up. Sometimes these type of problems have to be dug out, till you find what is killing the system. First check all interior lights to be sure they are off, don't forget the trunk, and glove box light, these are very overlooked items that will completely discharge a battery, very quickly. Please keep us abreast of how it is going, as always we are hear to help, as much as possible. Thanks for using 2CarPros

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