Air conditioning issues?

  • 2006 SATURN ION
  • 97,000 MILES
Hi! I'm hoping someone here can help! So I've got a 2006 Saturn Ion with the "mystery air conditioning". The a/c will sometimes turn on when the cars starts up, and then turn off randomly and refuse to turn back on. I'm talking no air flow - hot or cold. I have a feeling it's being caused by a faulty or loose fuse block under the hood. The reason I think so is because when I had the car turned on, while I was getting no a/c, I tapped on the top of the fuse block in the engine compartment, and the a/c magically turned on. I thought it was a fuse problem, but I swapped the a/c fuse with another one, and the issue persisted. I've heard of the fuse box causing issues if it isn't tightened down, but all the bolts on the fuse block are tight. Any help you can provide would be appreciated! Thanks!
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Friday, July 27th, 2012 AT 11:05 PM

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I have seen this before so when you tap on the under hood fuse box the ac clutch kicks on?If so you need to unhook the connectors on the bottom side of the under hood fuse box. Then look and find the open terminal on the side of the connector that goes into the terminals on the under hood fuse box. It will stand out because the other ones will look closed and that one will look open.
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Friday, July 27th, 2012 AT 11:18 PM

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