2005 Nissan Altima



August, 25, 2013 AT 3:48 PM

My power windows and locks stopped working on my 2005 Nissan Altima. None of the controls on any of the doors seem to work except for the side view mirror controls. The power locks do still work with the remote though. Also, not sure if it's related but at about the same time, the front driver side door stopped opening from the outside but still works from inside.


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August, 26, 2013 AT 7:11 AM

Check fuses underhood first



September, 20, 2013 AT 5:16 PM

You call yourself an "expert". An expert at what? Providing unhelpful answers?
"Check the fuses underhood first". Duh, obviously, But which fuse controls the power windows and door locks? Or should they all be pulled and inspected? Nissan does not have any fuses on the Altima that are labeled "Windows" or "PW" and there is no fusebox diagram explaining what each fuse is for in the owner's manual.

By the way, the factory installed fuses are not transparent and you cannot see a blown fuse just by looking at it so you will need to replace and test to determine if the fuse is bad. And without knowing which fuse controls the power windows you will NOT be able to determine if you have tested the right fuse.

I have the same problem - no power windows or door locks (but power locks work with key fob so power is getting to the locking mechanism) and I am desperate for a real answer. So far, after 2 hours on the internet I have not found any answers. Just a lot of people who don't know anything about the Nissan Altima injecting their (incorrect) homespun advice.

PLEASE. If you do not know what you are talking about. Do not answer the question!



September, 20, 2013 AT 5:26 PM

Imito if you are so bright you would have checked your manual which would show that there is a 50 amp fuse that can be pulled out to see if it blown as well as fuse 1 &6 in dash fuse box. Of course if you are to lazy to pull the fuse out you can actually use a test light and or volt meter to see if there is power on both sides. But that may be above your capabilities we have no idea then it would need to be scanned as the windows go through the bcm which i'm sure you are such an expert you can tell whether it is bad or not just by your mental abilities. Unfortunately we have no idea the capabilities of people that come to the site so we give the basics first and then go from there. Btw does yours have the anti pinch system on both doors or just one? If you don't care for our FREE answers then complain to MIKE or Ken at 2car pros.

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