2005 Ford Explorer



October, 14, 2013 AT 7:02 PM

Hi I have a 2005 ford explorer, the blower motor was only working in the 4th speed, so I assumed it was the blower motor resistor and so I bought the resistor and installed it. The issue is that the resistor gets extremely hot on speeds 1, 2 and 3. On the 4th it does not get hot. What could be the problem?

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October, 14, 2013 AT 8:16 PM

Blower motor resistors do get hot due to they are restricting current flow. If not installed into the air box it could get way to hot and burn up. Are you testing it with the resistor mounted or hanging by the wires?



October, 15, 2013 AT 7:37 PM

Its mounted. Does it get hot to the point where it burns fingers when touched? And also there is a smell of something burning when fan speed are set to 1, 2 or 3?

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