I have a Toyota Rav4 2004, I was oversees for.

  • 2004 TOYOTA RAV4
  • 85,000 MILES
I have a toyota rav4 2004, I was oversees for the last 8 months, during that time my car was in the driveway, nobody used it, when I come back I found standing water on one side of the pilot's seat, about 20 cm or 8 inches, the front seat(pilot) was really wet, there was mold on all the seats, and the odor was really bad. But the other seats and the trunk were dry, I took my car to my mechanic because the lights of VSC track is on, but its not the first time this light is on, before this flood the light was on maybe twice, he told me that after what happened is better to call my insurance and to tell them to check my car, he said because of the water im going to have problems with my car and its better to rid of the car. My question is "it is really that bad, if the water was only on the pilot seat and everything else was ok", should I call my insurance or take the car to other mechanich to check it and see if everything is all right. Thank you very much

Thursday, December 6th, 2012 AT 7:00 AM

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8 inches is a rather hight level and quite a lot of electronic components can go bad due to being soaked. You would need to dry up the interior and checked for water contaminations to control modules etc.
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Thursday, December 6th, 2012 AT 4:07 PM

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