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How do I drop the transmision in a 03 suzuki aerio sx to replace the throwout bearing?

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Wednesday, May 4th, 2011 AT 4:28 AM

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1. Disconnect battery ground cable.

2. Remove clutch operating cylinder from T/M with hose still attached.

3. Remove gear control cables.

4. Undo wiring harness clamps and connectors.

5. Remove ground cable from T/M.

6. Remove starting motor taking out its bolt and nut.

7. Remove exhaust No. 1 pipe bolts.

8. Remove transaxle fastening bolts.

9. Support engine by using lifting device.

10. Drain transaxle oil.

11. Remove engine under covers.

12. Remove exhaust No.1 pipe and exhaust No.2 pipe.

13. Remove lower stiffener.

14. Remove ball stud bolt form right and left knuckles, then disconnect each suspension arm.

15. Pull out drive shaft joint.

16. Remove center shaft support and center shaft from differential side gear.

17. Remove starter motor.

18. Remove dynamic damper from engine rear mounting No.1 bracket.

19. Remove engine rear mounting from its bracket.

20. Remove engine rear mounting No.1 bracket with No.2 bracket.

21. Remove transaxle to engine bolts and nut.

22. Lower vehicle and support transaxle (2) with transmission jack.

23. Remove engine LH mounting with bracket (1).

24. Remove other attached parts from transaxle, if any.

25. Pull transaxle out so as to disconnect input shaft from clutch disc and then lower it.

26. For remounting, reverse dismounting procedure.

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Wednesday, May 4th, 2011 AT 1:04 PM

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