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January, 10, 2007 AT 5:45 PM

Hi All,

I'm a new member here and from what I've seen this site looks incredible. Now I'm a computer guy not a car guy. The problem is my wife's 2003 Kia sorento 105,000 miles is sick. It cranks up fine when cool ( hasn't run in awhile) and drives fine. Then after you drive it for awhile say 25 minutes, shut it off and try to start it again you get nothing. Yes it turns over but won't start, after waiting an hour or so It will start back up. Sometimes I've noticed even cold it hesitates when you give it gas like it's going to stall, once you build up some speed it seems to run fine. I've recently had the oil changed ( yes still full of oil) The problems seemed to start right after the oil change, the check engine light is on also. Other than 3, 4, 5, 6 different ideas I'm hoping someone had the exact same problem so either I can ( little help that it is ) help my father in law fix the problem as I'm on a super tight budget and have to get it fixed. The dealership and their surgeon like fee's aren't an option for me.

Thanks in advance for any and all help


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November, 5, 2011 AT 4:47 PM

Hi Ron

I had the same problem wereby my car would start no problem when it was cold but when it was hot it took 30 to 45 seconds of cranking before it would start.

Turned out to be the starter motor, once I had it reconed all starting problems went away.



January, 30, 2012 AT 12:47 AM

When it doesn't start, check to see if it is getting spark and fuel to the engine. One will most likely be missing. From there, you can focus on the defective circuit.

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