Idling slow and when I quickly press on the gas to attempt to go fast

  • 2003 GMC YUKON
  • 225,000 MILES
My Denali, I just hear the RPMs go up with no additional speed

I need some suggestions to tell my husband what to check for. He is mechanically inclined just, doesn't know what to check for.

Here's whats been going on:

- about 4 months ago noticed when I press on the gas to speed up I don't go anywhere's fast. When I press hard on the gas to pass someone, the RPMS go up but I don't go any faster. In order for me to gain speed I need to slowly press on the gas.

- About 1 month ago, I had the Fuel Pump replaced. (I had stalled, I had power, but the truck would not start)

- Since the fuel pump replacement, I am now noticing that when I slow down or stop I feel like I am going to stall. My RPMS sit close to 500.

What suggestions do you have for my husband to check? Thank you in advance.
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Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012 AT 1:38 PM

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Check trans fluid to make sure it is full. Clean throttle plate with choke cleaner on both sides, they get sticky and cause idle problems. It may clear up your other thing as wellif the check engine light is on have it scanned for codes. Auto parts tores doit for free.
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Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012 AT 1:58 PM

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