2001 Nissan Sentra



May, 19, 2011 AT 2:00 PM

I have tried everything. The dealer is stumped, other mechanics are stumped and I have ruled out that the gas pump is emitting some kind of electrical interference (I think). When I am at the gas pump and after I have finished pumping the gas, put the cap back on, the car won't start without being given alittle bit of gas. This is very unusual and not the way the car is supposed to start. I can then drive away 10 feet, shut off the car and then it will start fine. It starts fine anywhere else at anytime of the day no matter how long it has been sitting but it won't start after pumping the gas at the gas station. I have tried filling at different intervals (empty to full, half empty to full, etc.). It still won't start right away. I have tried sitting in a parking lot with the gas tank open and it will still start. I have tried just sitting by the gas pump, turn off the car, wait a few minutes and the car will still start. I have tried turning the key to "on" for a few seconds and then off again and then to the "on" position for a few seconds and then off again and it still won't start while at the gas pump. The dealership had run the error codes and replaced the spark plugs and a sensor and a filter but it still didn't start at the gas pump. Could it be something in the gas tank that is loose that is being disrupted by the gas being pumped in? What is left to look at?

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May, 19, 2011 AT 3:54 PM

You're problem pretty much has to be related to the pump itself. My guess might be that the pump is reacting to sudden temp change in the fuel but you're going to have to pull the tank down to investigate further.

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