2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee



February, 19, 2011 AT 6:28 PM

My 2000 jeep starts when it wants to and the check engine light is on. I can drive it short distances and it will start but not long distances because once I cut it off it won't start for hours. Had starter checked and it was fine. Nothing shows on the parts shops computer except "no codes found". S O S. -Marquita


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February, 19, 2011 AT 6:42 PM

"Won't start for hours" can mean a lot of things. Since you had the starter checked, does that mean it won't crank the engine? Or do you mean the engine cranks fine but it won't start and run?

If you hear just one single kind of loud clunk from under the hood and the engine doesn't spin, that is due to worn starter solenoid contacts. They can be replaced separately but most people just replace the entire starter. This problem always starts out as an intermittent problem. The starter will work if you cycle the ignition switch to "crank" enough times.




February, 19, 2011 AT 11:38 PM

Doc, Reckon this could be needin' shimmin',

You know I'm stuck way back in the '40s-'80s with my Real Jeeps,

I know little of the new stuffs starters,

Thought maybe a Good and Warmed up Flywheel might "Grow" and take up some Starter Clearance. If maybe the starter kinda "Wedged In" during an attempted start.

Saw recent post of yours Doc, Never seen you get carried away on the keyboard as I do. Imma Plumber too, Best Plumbing Service Technician, this side of the Mississippi! Still no job after Bone Doctor released me to Work, had broken foot w/ complications, broke it 19 Dec 08 at work. Go for final check, Monday, get some sort of Workers Comp disability assessment, 'if' he completely turns me loose. Said I could go back to work in August. Employer said ain't enough work, others are 'skeeerd' to hire me. My 1st experience touching the Cyber Box, was while laid up, when I asked a question here.

The Medic



February, 20, 2011 AT 2:36 AM

Not happy to say I'm becoming a plumber. Today I'm fixing busted pipes in my hydronic heating system and trying to add a port to fill it with antifreeze. I hate winter!

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