The dashboard lights are out

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Lower electrical dashboard lights not working, and all needles not working. Interior and exterior lights not affected. Also when starting the car it will sometimes it will click several times before it contacts and starts. I checked the battery it is ok and terminals are clean. They were for a while and then would collapse and after hit the top of the dash, they would come back on. The ABS light is on and all the upper lights on the panel work. Interior and exterior lights are not affected. When starting the car, sometimes it will just click, several times, before starting, and is sluggish to start. It is also sluggish to build up power when getting up to high speeds. What is the problem or problems. Could this be the BCM, or electrical clusters? Help!
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Wednesday, November 16th, 2011 AT 12:21 AM

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A common problem with the instrument clusters is loose connector pins. You may be able to disassemble it enough to solder the loose pins to the copper circuits.

If you hear a single rather loud clunk from the starter each time you turn the ignition switch to "crank", suspect worn contacts in the starter solenoid. This is real common with the little silver Nippendenso starters and is a fairly easy fix, but most people just replace the entire starter. Many auto parts stores and farm-type hardware stores have the kits now to fix these starters for about 12 bucks. The problem will be very intermittent at first and will get progressively worse over the next few months. I ignored this problem so long on my ******'s '95 Grand Caravan until the day she lost count after 700 tries and a blister on her thumb! On '96 and newer models, the Engine Computer is unnecessarily involved in the starter circuit, and I think it will only let you turn the ignition switch to "crank" three times before you have to wait a little. With all the trouble the starters had been causing for years before those models came out, I can't imagine why they would design that into the system, but we all know the engineers are insane.
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Wednesday, November 16th, 2011 AT 12:34 AM

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