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  • 2000 Chevrolet Corvette
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  • 92,000 miles

Service tire monitoring system light is on and have replaced sensor but it doesn't go away

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Thursday, December 23rd, 2010 AT 1:14 AM

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Try to reset the TPMS:

Turn ignition switch to ON position, with engine off.
Press RESET button on DIC in order to clear any warning messages.
Press and release OPTIONS button until display is blank.
Press and hold RESET button for 3 seconds.
NOTE:If the DIC does not display "TIRE TRAINING" message, ensure TPM option is enabled in the RCDLR. See appropriate manufacturer service information.

Press and release OPTIONS button until "TIRE TRAINING" is displayed.
Press and release RESET button. The DIC should display "LEARN L FRONT TIRE", verifying the mode has been enabled.
NOTE:If a horn chirp does not sound after 15 seconds, remove, then reinstall TPM sensor activating tool.

Starting at left front sensor, hold TPM Sensor Activation Tool (J-41760) over valve stem until a horn chirp sounds.
After the horn chirp sounds, proceed as in previous step for the next 3 sensors in the following order: right front, right rear, then left rear.
Turn the ignition switch to OFF position to exit the learn mode.

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Thursday, December 23rd, 2010 AT 1:45 AM

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