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Need to change oil pan gasket

Saturday, February 16th, 2013 AT 1:29 PM

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1. Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove engine mount strut, serpentine belt, A/C compressor (leave hoses attached), and bracket. Support engine from above with Engine Support Fixture (J 28467 360),
Engine Support Fixture Adapter (J 28467 90A), and Adapter Leg (J 36462 A). Raise and support vehicle. Drain engine oil. Disconnect oil level sensor. Remove starter motor and transaxle brace from oil pan.
2. Remove lower nuts from transaxle and engine mounts. Remove exhaust crossover pipe. Remove engine splash shield. Raise engine using support fixture to gain clearance. Remove engine mount and bracket from
oil pan. Disconnect right hand lower ball joint from steering knuckle. Disconnect right hand outer tie rod from steering knuckle. Remove left and right side frame bolts. Remove oil pan side bolts, using Torque
Wrench Adapter (J 39505) or equivalent, in order to remove right oil pan side bolts, oil pan bottom bolts, and oil pan.


Clean gasket surfaces of oil pan and cylinder block. Apply RTV sealant onto tab grooves in rear main bearing. Install oil pan and NEW gasket. Tighten oil pan bottom bolts to specification, then tighten oil pan side bolts.
See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS. To complete installation, reverse removal procedure. Fill crankcase.

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