Three Questions

  • 1999 GMC SAFARI
  • 20,000 MILES
Three Questions. Very Very Hard to Start in Morning. Battery Good. Recent Tune-up. Used over the counter fuel injector cleaner. No help. Once it starts, starts rest of day every time. Runs fine. Only difficult to start after sitting for 10 hours or so overnight. Not really cold in Fremont, CA overnight, but very difficult to start. There are no codes. Could it be fuel pump pressure so bad fuel pump, dirty injectors? Is there something called a cold start injector sensor. But again no codes. Just started doing this over the last several months.

Question 2. When vehicle has been driven and warmed up and you come to a stop, when begin to move forward, at times it feels like something in the rear end sticks, like a grab. Does not do it every time, but definitely feels like something is stuck and then released. Not a lot of noise just a feel something locked up and then released. Had recent brake job. Was doing prior to brake job. Could it be.U-joints, tranny? How to check?

Question 3. After recent brake job, power steering pump very noisy when turning under power to the left, a little noise when turning to right, but most noise when turning left. I believe this car has a system, power assist or power boost. I think power steering and brake fluid are used in part of both systems. Reason for pump noise after brake job?

Thanks for the help. Dan.
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Saturday, December 1st, 2012 AT 8:32 PM

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Check your fuel pressure first it should be 60-66psi and remain constant 55-60 psi after shutdown for at least 5 minutes. Check your u-joints if you see rust around seals then just replace them as they are probably dry. The p/s pump supplies the pressure for the booster and may have some air in it. Best thing for this is to turn lock to lock to see if you can get air out. You'll have to do that about 5 times.
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Saturday, December 1st, 2012 AT 9:09 PM

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