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1995 pontiac sunfire SE; 2.2L; 5-speed manual; replaced clutch, now need to put the transfer case back together so we can shift gears, has three 2-pronged sliding thingys, need to know how to line them up before closing the case. Thanx
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Monday, August 22nd, 2011 AT 2:20 AM

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When you purchased the clutch it hopefully came with a clutch plate alignment tool.

It resembles the input shaft of the transmission where it would fit into engine crank and the clutch plate itself. Its purpose is to hold the clutch plate in alignment while attaching the pressure plate. You should also use a new pilot bearing/bushing and throw out bearing if not supplied with the clutch plate.

Purchase a new, or have the flywheel resurfaced and measured at a machine shop.

Then inspect the pressure plate, (the part that has the 3 prongs on it), Look for scoring, cracks or dis-coloration. Also inspect plate prong springs and the part of the prong finger where it meets the throw out bearing. Look for low tension in the springs or signs of heavy wear and look for gouging and uneven or excessive wear on the pressure plate prongs. It is best to purchase a new one or have the machine shop look at it.

Install the pilot wheel of bushing into the flywheel of crankshaft, depending on the manufacturers' instructions for installation. Torque bolts to specification in a criss-sross pattern.

Clean the flywheel surface with brake cleaner and lint free rags so it is oil free where it meets the friction plate.

Place the correct side of clutch friction plate against flywheel and slip alignment tool into place.

It needs to be put into place with the pilot bearing installed and holding the friction plate of the clutch against the flywheel as instructed by manufacturer.

Then install the pressure plate, torque it to specification in a criss- cross pattern.

Lube all pivot points with axle grease but do not use too much or allow any to get near the friction plate of the clutch area.

Install the throw-out bearing and return spring and other necessary hardware.

Carefully install the transmission keeping it even or, "square" to the motor block as the shaft must be kept straight to install. It is a tight fit and this will also damage a transmission if and weight is heald by the transmission shaft.

Make sure alignment pins are in place, if your car has them, then bolt the transmission to spec and install mounts.

I hope this information helped.
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Monday, August 22nd, 2011 AT 5:05 AM

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