1995 Chevrolet Blazer



July, 27, 2011 AT 6:38 AM

I have a 1995 chevy blazer and noticed a box of some sort under the hood. It has what appear to be either break lines or gas lines attached to it (at least four lines). I know its not the master cylinder. It's up a bit further toward the front and against the driver side fender wall. It also has three electrical plug-ins. Can you please assist me with identifying what this is.

3 Answers



July, 27, 2011 AT 7:31 AM

I believe what you are seeing is the ABS module assembly. Does any of the lines from it go back to the master cylinder? I thought at first it might be a remote oil filter housing but you did not say anything about an oil filter.



July, 29, 2011 AT 1:01 AM

Its the abs module!



July, 29, 2011 AT 1:06 AM

The remote oil filter housing is in front of the ABS unit/module same side of fender-

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