Timing belt

  • 1993 SATURN SL1
  • 4 CYL
How to replace timing chain 93 saturn
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Remove front cover. Turn crankshaft in clockwise direction until timing mark is at 3 o'clock position. Remove camshaft sprocket(s), timing chain, timing chain guides and tensioner.

WARNING: Camshaft may turn during timing chain removal. Keep fingers and tools clear of camshaft area during removal.

1. Ensure crankshaft is at 90 degrees after top dead center (timing mark and keyway at 3 o'clock). Install camshaft sprockets and tighten sprocket bolt(s) to specification. Hold camshaft using a 7/8" (21 mm) wrench on flats of cam. Turn cam in clockwise direction only.

2. Once sprocket bolt(s) are tightened, rotate cam(s) until timing mark(s) are straight up. Insert a 3/16" (4.77 mm) pin or drill bit through hole at 9 o'clock in cam sprocket(s) into index hole in front of cylinder head. Rotate crankshaft counterclockwise until timing mark on crankshaft sprocket is aligned with timing mark on cylinder block.

3. Timing chain has Silver plated links. See Fig. 5 or Fig. 6. Install chain so one link aligns with timing mark on the camshaft sprocket(s) and the paired (on DOHC) or single (on SOHC) silver link aligns at 6 o'clock position on crankshaft sprocket (180 degrees opposite crankshaft timing mark).

NOTE: Ensure slack side of timing chain is on tensioner side to
ensure timing mark alignment.

4. Install fixed chain guide and tighten to specification. Ensure timing chain is snug against fixed guide. Install pivoting chain guide and ensure guide pivots freely.

5. Retract tensioner mechanism and insert a 1/8" (3.18 mm) drill bit into lever locking hole. Install tensioner. Remove all locking pins and check timing mark alignment. Install front cover and tighten bolts to specification.

6. Install cam cover and tighten bolts starting in center and working outward. To complete installation, reverse removal procedure. Fill cooling system and crankcase. Check for leaks.

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1.9L 4-CYL - VINS [7, 9] -1993 Saturn SL1
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